Week 1: February 21st

This week’s main focus will need to be on getting into the habit of a regular schedule, spacing workloads out throughout the week and making use of all the available time. All projects have things that need doing, and need to be balanced between.

Things coming up this week: Monday- board game night, Wednesday- D&D night, Saturday- furmeet, check what’s up with Sunday Warhammer

Current fursuit making is the Danu dragon, aiming to complete head and feet, though being aware that extra details on the face design may take longer than the usual schedule. Also find time for robosaurus eyes, and get auction post for gecko up online.

Drawing schedule as standard would provide enough time to complete current backlog and start on next sequence, while standard writing schedule would probably complete both remaining pieces, or very close to, plus edits.

Look out and post previously written game stuff first, maybe fix a few small details, leave the main part of creating new content for future weeks. Remember to get some pictures on there too.

Current online stuff: Crowdfunding website needs setting up and configuring. Fursuit website needs layout fixed and content added. Look for someone to fix bug on Squeak site and return to adding content. March furmeet schedule by end of the week. Maybe add content to SouthernFurs if there’s time left.

Finish current projects before starting anything new

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